Master of Education (M.Ed)

Master of Education (M.Ed.) is a postgraduate qualification that enables the candidates to specialize academically in education and explore all aspects of education.  It is usually a full-time program that involves instruction, counseling and administration. The program is specially designed for the educators seeking to advance their skills in the education field.M.Ed. course at Sharda Group of Institutions is designed to develop the leadership abilities that emerge from graduation studies including critical reflection, research and writing.  The goal of M.Ed. program is to enable participants to become more proficient in selecting optimum research-based curriculum design strategies that best apply to specific teaching situations.

Mrs. Archana
Mr. Kapil Jain
Mr. Akhand Sharma
Mr. Dimpy Mishra
Mr. Virendra Yadav
Mr. Yashwant Singh Patel
Mr. Brijendra Kr. Yadav
Mr. Rabindra
Mr. Ramesh
Dr. Girish Kumar
Mrs. Alka Mishra
Mrs. Bhavana Agre
Mrs. Nitika Bansal
Mrs. Usha Singh
Dr. Vishesh Kumar Singh Rajpoot

Program Structure

The comprehensive curriculum of the Master of Education program allows for the educational research and theory while deepening the content knowledge within a selected program. The program is diverse and interdisciplinary.  Throughout the degree program, participants will be involved in debates and issues related education relevant to their area of interest. The coursework encourages the candidates to consolidate their understanding of educational issues with relevant professional and academic research. The curriculum also emphasizes on face-to-face academic counseling, psychology practices, project work and dissertation work.

As a part of the assessment, students will also conduct a literature review of a topic of their choice which involves writing a final paper. They will also undertake a one-year research enquiry or professional project which comprises the final module of their degree.

The M.Ed. program at Sharda Group of Institutions teaches the students principles of education and leadership skills as well as business concepts.  Coursework also covers management strategies for specific levels of education such as elementary or middle school. Course topics include curriculum development, legal issues in education, conflict resolution, school finance and community relations etc.

Apart from the regular internship in leading educational organizations and schools, intensive focus is given on classroom teaching also.

Program Objectives

M.Ed. program at Sharda Group of Institutions provides students with an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in education. The main objectives of the program are:

  • To develop attitude and skills related to intellectual inquiry and scholarship that are conducive to lifelong learning and professional growth of the students.
  • To develop an understanding of the principles and strategies for quantitative and qualitative research.
  • To develop a knowledgebase of the current theory and research relevant to curriculum and administration of various educational and institutional contexts.


Scope and Career Prospects

After pursuing the M.Ed. program, participants can undertake successful career in a wide variety of professional settings, teaching at any institute, and at different administrative positions in the field of education. The degree enables students to specialize for a career in academia or education. Interested students can also go for Ph.D. after the completion of their degree.