Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a degree program that prepares students as a teacher to work in schools. The course is designed for those who are interested in pursuing their career in teaching and its related fields. This is a professional course that helps learners to develop teaching skills. The minimum eligibility criterion for the program is that the student must have completed their undergraduate degree in any discipline.

B.Ed. program at Anand College of Education (ACE) is a skill-training based program which is focused on providing the necessary training and skills to the students so that they are clear about all the aspects of classroom teaching. Those who have graduated from the arts stream are taught arts subjects like History, English, Geography etc., while students graduated in science stream are taught science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.

B.Ed. is a vocational program which involves intensive learning in order to make the students aware of all the possible classroom scenarios. The program also provides them skills on handling and managing the classroom.

Mrs. Archana
Mr. Akhand Sharma
Mr. Dimpy Mishra
Mr. Virendra Yadav
Mr. Yashwant Singh Patel
Mr. Brijendra Kr. Yadav
Mr. Rabindra
Mr. Ramesh
Dr. Girish Kumar
Mrs. Alka Mishra
Mrs. Bhavana Agre
Mrs. Usha Singh
Dr. Vishesh Kumar Singh Rajpoot

Program Structure

B.Ed. program at Anand College of Education (ACE) is divided into segments of core courses, pedagogy courses, experience for teacher enrichment, and social and environmental sensitivity. The program structure is designed in such a way that every student learns all the aspects of teaching and made aware of the situations that they might encounter while teaching.
The core courses of the program provide a conceptual and contextual understanding of the subjects to the learners while the pedagogy courses deal with the aspects essential for the teacher. Other segments of the program develop teaching sensibilities in the candidates. The subjects and topics covered in the program include educational psychology, holistic education, education, culture and human values, philosophy of education, guidance and counseling etc.

Highlights of the Program

  • Personalized training through integral pedagogy and mentoring
  • In-service training for teachers
  • Documentation and research
  • Use of IT communication media and innovative practices
  • All round training of the candidates involving cultural, social, intellectual, aesthetic and moral aspects of teaching and learning
  • Empowerment of subalterns including women

Program Objectives

  • To enable students to understand the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of different disciplines of education
  • To make teachers and students understand how children learn and develop and how they differ in their approaches to learning
  • To develop skills of student teachers to plan learning experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • To provide a rich program of curricular and extra-curricular activities for all round development of the candidates