About SGI

It was a dream and vision of late Shri Anand Swaroop Gupta, the father of our dynamic Chairman Shri P.K. Gupta and Vice-Chairman Shri Y.K Gupta (SGI) to bring quality education at the door-step in the Agra Region.

This brain –child idea has been brought into reality by forming Shri.Anand Swaroop Educational Trust. This Trust has accepted the challenge and pledged to impart quality education in the Agra Region by establishing Sharda Group of Institution (SGI) in lush green pollution free environment. The Sharda Group of Institutions was established in 1996 and started to work in the field of education by establishing several institutions in north India region. These Institutions with world class standards infrastructure is meeting the direct need of professional education.

Sharda History Timeline
Message from Chairman Desk
Shri. Pradeep Kumar Gupta

The choice of an institution is a crucial decision impacting the future of the student. Good Academics, consistently high placements and state of the art infrastructure would be on any one’s wish list… but let’s delve a little deeper.
Education plays a vital role in changing lives. To us, good academics means all round ‘Value Addition’. This encompasses the entire gamut of activities shaping the comprehensive development of an individual….through academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, social, cultural, sports & other activities that help in forming the complete profile of a person (in addition to

domain knowledge & skill base) leading him/her to a successful career. Such progress is clear testimony to the untiring efforts of our academic faculty, training and support staff who strive to make students’ learning at SHARDA, the most memorable and valuable part of their formative years.
To accomplish this, there’s extensive support of superior infrastructure and learning resources like labs, libraries, workshops, research collaborations, academic alliances,

innovative teaching methodologies –amply certified by a number of awards and accolades.
It is said that – “The secret of success in life is for a person to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”
Here is your opportunity for carving out a successful future. Welcome aboard and carve a niche for yourself!!

Message from Vice-Chairman Desk
Shri. Yatendra Kumar Gupta

At SHARDA, we strive to develop and unearth your intrinsic potential and capability, thereby preparing you to take on the global challenges.
The industry and trade organizations today face the challenges of global competition and are constantly striving to upgrade and innovate, to continuously control costs and upgrade quality.
While recruiting fresh graduates, therefore, companies look for people with a good grasp of fundamentals, domain knowledge, and enabling competencies like effective communication skills with a wholesome personality, commitment and the right attitudes…in short those who can be

deployed to contribute value to the organization in this scenario of intense competition.
We endeavour to provide our students with the necessary & focused training, using latest innovative methodologies in personality enhancement programmes, career building skills, and industry linked technical courses. This is in addition to a rich blend of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
One single fact will suffice as incontrovertible proof. Every year 10 to 12 SHARDA Students secure positions in the University Top 20 of the branch,

the University being the largest in India. 1100(+) placements in the previous year bear testimony to our industry focus. No doubt our students stand apart….rich in knowledge & skills ……with winning attitudes that employers look for.
A quick glance at our placement records and you will realize that we are on the right track and our efforts are bearing fruit-best summed up in our motto “Prosperity and Progress through Knowledge” or more aptly in Sanskrit “ज्ञानेन समृद्धि : समाजोत्थानं”