Learning at ACE

The ACE Promise in Learning, through LIVE the future, is to offer brilliant education where the students are - and where they want to go.

Teaching Learning Process

Good Practices are inculcated through good teaching learning process. At ACE, we develop professional managers with strong conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage businesses in the future. We prepare the students to take up multiple responsibilities and energize them for the fast-track performance expected from them. The curriculum is rigorous. Assignments, projects, periodic evaluations and demanding academic schedules ensure that the student develops skills in managing time and working efficiently and effectively.


Learning 2018

How is ACE changing to deliver the promise in 2018?

The core courses of the program provide a conceptual and contextual understanding of the subjects to the learners while the pedagogy courses deal with the aspects essential for the teacher. Other segments of the program develop teaching sensibilities in the candidates. The subjects and topics covered in the program include educational psychology, holistic education, education, culture and human values, philosophy of education, guidance and counseling etc.


Professional development

Improving in teaching and learning practice for staff and students.

  • Personalized training through integral pedagogy and mentoring
  • In-service training for teachers
  • Documentation and research
  • Use of IT communication media and innovative practices
  • All round training of the candidates involving cultural, social, intellectual, aesthetic and moral aspects of teaching and learning
  • Empowerment of subalterns including women


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