To meet the demand of curricular as well as professional requirement, ACE provides the computer lab facilities. The institute has well equipped central computing facility in computer labs. A part from a range of routine and special software, the computer labs have the latest operating systems & Wi-Fi internet facilities.
Teaching is based on the Psychology of the students. A successful teacher knows very well about the psychological back up of the students. A teacher should know how to deal with a special and creative student. The educational psychology lab entertains literature and apparatus of psychological tests of intelligence, creativity, adjustment, aptitude, attitude, personality, learning etc. It also provides a resourceful for the scholars conducting research in the field of educational psychology.
The science laboratory accommodates all necessary material like charts, models, chemicals, apparatus, for teaching physics, chemistry and Biology. The lab is also facilitated with proper water and gas connections for conducting chemistry experiments. The science models, microscopes, slides, specimens and other accessories also help the students to understand science through experiments.


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